Culturally Speaking:

Promoting Cross-Cultural Awareness in a Post-9/11 World

Conquering the Enemy of Ignorance

Open any world newspaper today or listen to an international television news channel and you will be bombarded with headlines, commentary, and spin. It's what's making news in our tension-filled post-9/11 world. No wonder so many Americans believe that the Islamic world is our enemy and to be feared!

But the Islamic world is not our enemy!

Through a conversational tone with American Christians and Bahraini Arab Muslims, overcoming ignorance is the book's powerful main message. Readers will gain crucial insight into eleven specifically-identified generalizations each group had of one another, along with religious views and cultural practices of this Arab Muslim country that has been home to the U.S. Navy's Fifth Fleet for more than 50 years.

Culturally Speaking offers a new twist to the tired U.S.-Muslim bashing filling today's airwaves and Internet by introducing an open forum of dialogue with average people identifying and promoting the positives in bridging cultural gaps.

Admitting our ignorance, recognizing and dispelling gross generalizations and, finally, beginning to influence and inspire changed attitudes toward cross-cultural differences among family, friends, and coworkers are the main message points of the book. This does not mean we must always agree with one another's perspective. But we do have a responsibility to respect one another's opinions as part of healthy, intellectual stimulation.

This book does not promote Islam or Christianity, or endorse one country's collective opinion over the other. Rather, it  inspires the reader to discover some of the differing perspectives of real issues, common yet important, to real people. You will never forget your journey inside this intriguing Arab culture.

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